What is Soccer Betting? Updated Football Odds Table Today

For the king sport, the content about soccer betting is always very prominent for fans who have a passion for soccer betting. In fact, through betting we will evaluate and make interesting predictions about the match. Furthermore, understand the odds offered by the house for betting purposes. Let’s go through the article below New88today Learn about solutions and popular bet types today.

What is soccer betting?

In fact, soccer odds can also be called soccer odds in matches provided by the bookmaker. Based on the betting parameters, fans will bet on bets with high winning rates. In addition, many football experts or long-time fans will also rely heavily on the house odds to evaluate and evaluate the match.

Types of soccer bets today

Insoccer bet Nowadays, we can easily see that there are many different forms and odds. Notably, there are 3 main types of bets shown on the odds table of each match: handicap bets, European bets and over/under bets. Each type of such bet will have different elements and characteristics. This makes it easier for fans to make choices while betting.

Handicap soccer bets

For handicap soccer bets, also known as Handicap bets, it will depend entirely on the handicap offered by the house. There will be 2 betting doors in this type: upper and lower bets. Accordingly, the upper door will be given to the team that is rated higher and the lower door will be given to the team that is rated lower.

Handicap is the number of goals that the upper team will handicap the lower team to create balance for each bet. This depends entirely on the strength of the two teams. The larger the difference, the higher the odds, and conversely, a small handicap proves that the gap in level between the two teams is not much. The result of the bet will be calculated by the match score plus the handicap.

Football betting over/under betting

In today’s forms of soccer betting, the over/under bet will bring a lot of excitement to fans. First of all, the house will offer a specific betting threshold for players to choose from. There will be two over and under bets, in which the over bet is applied when the total number of goals is more than the bet. The under will apply when the total number of goals is less than the betting threshold.

Traditional soccer bets

For soccer bets, the traditional form of betting is the most popular and easiest to play. In this form, players will choose to bet on the score of the match.

For example, the symbol in this bet is 1×2 in which 1 and 2 represent the home team and the other team, respectively. X is the case where two teams have a draw. At that time, players need to use their judgment and predictions to make the correct betting direction.

Experience in effective soccer betting for rookies

For many veteran players, when betting on soccer bets, they will need to apply experience when playing effectively. Rookies should also apply this method to gradually improve their skills when betting on soccer. Let’s take a look with  New88 at some of the experiences imparted by today’s experts.

Analyze the match and the strength of the two teams

In a specific match, we will need to analyze the strength of the two teams based on statistics. Sometimes performance numbers, head-to-head performance as well as scoring performance will have a significant impact on the betting results. These are all parameters to evaluate the strength of the two teams before the match starts. Predict which team is rated higher and has more chances of winning.
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Monitor odds and match developments

Try to monitor the odds offered by the bookmaker and the changes, if any, to match reality. Besides, players always need to be careful and depend on the developments of the match before making predictions and betting. Thus, all changes in the match will be captured specifically. Please consider carefully the soccer odds of each soccer match.


For soccer bets, players who want to participate should learn carefully about the types of bets as well as each match. Join  New88 to discover many other interesting contents of soccer betting right here.

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