What is a Penalty bet? Check the most accurate Penalty betting odds

Penalty bets are secondary bets that often appear in soccer betting halls. With simple bets that don’t require much thinking, such as whether there will be a penalty or not, which team will kick first… you can quickly participate and receive rewards. Let’s update detailed information about this type of bet by Bookmaker New88 and the most accurate way to predict penalty bets.

What is a Penalty bet?

Penalty bets are extremely popular in soccer betting, appear in most matches and are extremely favored by brothers. When participating in this bet, players will bet on penalty results in the match, including different results:

  • Is there a penalty in the match?
  • Which team gets the penalty first?
  • Can a goal be scored after a penalty kick?

For this type of bet, you must take the time to fully monitor the match, choose the best time to bet because the risk is very high, if you ignore it, you will lose. Bookmaker New88 will offer many different odds and reward rates for penalties, players can choose freely.

The most standard way to play Penalty betting

To bet on penalties in football matches at New88, you can follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Take time to comprehensively review the match, performance, and lineup of both teams to calculate the probability of taking a penalty kick.
  • Step 2: Choose a reputable soccer betting platform like New88 to place bets. The house always updates the bets, providing many incentives for players.
  • Step 3: Choose the appropriate penalty bet and odds. You can rely on the bets provided by the house to choose correctly.
  • Step 4: After choosing a bet, place money on that bet and confirm.

Note: Although it is an easy bet to play, you should consider and calculate carefully when placing a penalty bet to avoid losses, and do not play based on emotions.

Experience in Penalty betting at New88

Many veteran bettors have compiled a series of penalty betting experiences at New88 for you to easily apply and win:

Learn about 2 teams

To accurately bet on penalties, players will learn basic information about the two teams to bet most accurately:

  • Review the performance of the two teams: Update the history of the two teams, including the number of recent wins, draws, and losses. A team that has good, stable playing form and wins continuously will have a higher chance of receiving a free kick in the next match.
  • Injury and suspension status of players: If a member of the team is injured or suspended, the team will be unstable, making mistakes easily and creating opportunities for opponents to take free kicks.
  • History of 2 teams facing each other: Find out how the 2 football teams were in the past, whether they received penalties often and what the final result was to bet on.
  • Team status: If the team is on a winning streak and has an enthusiastic mentality, the team will be more confident and attack closely, causing errors in the restricted area, creating conditions for the opponent to take free kicks.

Consider the odds

Before placing a penalty bet, you need to consider the odds table given by Bookie New88 to make the most accurate decision and increase your winning rate.

Compare the gains and losses when betting on penalty bets. If you’re worried about betting too low on an easy bet, then when you win, the bonus won’t be too high. On the contrary, if you choose a rare bet, the chance of winning is very low.

Choose a good free kick formation

Players should prioritize betting on the team with a good free kick formation, dividing players, and making deceptive passes to the opponent to win. As soon as they have the opportunity to take a penalty kick, they will take advantage of it and have a much higher probability of winning.

When betting on penalties, you should prioritize choosing teams that take good penalties and have a history of frequent victories.

With the information about penalty bets and standard predictions shared above by Bookie New88, you can easily win in a snap. In New88, we always continuously update attractive penalty bets, creating conditions for players to have the best experience.

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