Football Odds Rookies Should Understand

Soccer odds is considered one of the topics that bettors always want to grasp and understand to have favorable bets. Let’s join today Okvip Find out specifically and clearly to summarize important content to help you understand with certainty.

What are soccer odds?

When participating in soccer betting, betting odds play an important role in evaluating the strength and winning rate of two teams. The house will arrange the strong team at the top and the weak team at the bottom, and the odds reflect the difference between the two teams. Betting odds are not just numbers, but a separate language for players to evaluate.

When players decide to bet, they will choose the team they believe will win, based on the bookmaker’s assessment of their ability to play. Betting odds not only reflect a player’s confidence in the team they choose, but are also an indication of how those who bet or are evaluating the match.

With each soccer odds, players not only bet on their favorite team but also bet on their understanding and predictions about the competition of the two teams. Soccer betting is not just about winning but also about understanding and analyzing the numbers in the match.

Betting odds are not baseless numbers, but a summary of information to understand the match. The combination of experience and understanding of football teams and playing strategies will evaluate soccer odds and this is the basis for bettors to choose bets.

What soccer odds do we often encounter?

After we have learned together how soccer odds are understood, to analyze further, let’s learn about soccer odds that you often encounter. Grasping these types of bets, you will increase your chances of winning bets and withdrawing winnings from professional bookmakers.

How does Asian handicap work?

In the current soccer betting market, Asian Handicap, also known by other names such as Handicap or Handicap, is a popular form of betting with players looking for excitement and excitement. High challenge.

When reviewing Asian handicap odds, players may encounter terms such as “half ball,” “half ball,” “0.5 ball,” “0.75 ball,” and “1 ball.” How to read and understand these odds contributes to determining the success of the bettor:

  • Ball odds: You will choose which team you think will win, if there is a draw, your money will be refunded.
  • Half ball bet: If the team you choose wins, you win the bet. In a tie, you will only get half your money back and lose half your bet.
  • 0.5 left bet: If the team you choose wins, you will win the bet. If you draw or lose, you lose your bet. 
  • 0.75 left bet: If the team you choose wins by 2 goals, you win the bet. If you win by 1 goal, you will receive half your money back and lose half your bet. If you tie or lose, you lose and lose your bet.
  • 1 left bet: If the team you choose wins by 2 goals, you will win the bet. If you win by 1 goal, you will receive a refund. If you draw or lose, you will lose your bet.

How are over/under bets understood?

Among the countless types of soccer betting bets that focus on predicting whether a team will win or lose, the over/under bet does not focus on the result of victory or defeat. Instead, it focuses on predicting the total number of goals scored by two teams, compared to a limit that the bookmaker determines, also known as a benchmark.

When bettors choose to bet “over”, it means that they have faith that the total number of goals will exceed the limit set by the house. On the contrary, if you bet “under”, you will tend to predict that the total goals will be below that limit.

The over/under bet is a type of bet not only on the possibility of winning but also on an in-depth understanding of the offensive and defensive capabilities of both teams. It is natural and requires bettors to have the ability to read and understand the game and evaluate the balance between the player’s attacking ability and tenacity in defense.


With very interesting content about soccer odds that Okvip has diligently researched, we hope it will be useful information for you. Wishing you the most sublime experience of betting and immersing yourself in football.

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