What is Over/Under? Game Rules and Hottest Variations

What is Over/Under is not a strange concept to those who love entertainment and get rich through betting. The operating mechanism of Sic Bo is relatively simple, the gameplay is easy, but winning is not something you can do in a day or two. Read HI88 article below to discover interesting information about this game.
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What is the definition of over/under? 

What is Over/Under? This is a casino game with long-standing origins from China, quickly popular in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. Furthermore, it has received countless positive compliments and has gradually become an entertainment and money-making tool for everyone. 

Currently, the online format is developed based on traditional Sic Bo, so the gameplay and rules are similar. The dealer will use 3 dice to determine winning or losing. Each tile contains 6 faces and is played in order from 1 to 6.

The player’s task is to predict the total score of the dice with a variety of betting options. If you bet correctly according to the returned results, you will receive a bonus based on the pre-determined rate.

Through such a concept, surely you understand what Sic Bo is, right? The game is always growing and attracting a large number of players. The proof is shown through reviews from HI88 bookmaker members.

Discover what the rules of playing Sic Bo are? 

When learning any game, you cannot ignore knowledge of basic game concepts and rules. 

Betting process 

Both traditional and online forms have simple rules. Everyone just needs to observe a few times and understand the playing process to be proficient. Once you understand the concept of Sic Bo, winning becomes simple, creating a stable source of income, not as difficult as many people imagine. 

The playing process takes place quickly, you need to choose a betting table and place a reasonable amount of money before the system enters the dice rolling phase. The game has 2 main doors: over and under. 

If the prediction of 3 dice showing a total score from 4 to 10 will fall into under, otherwise from 11 to 17 will fall into over. The remaining time is waiting and waiting for the final result announcement. 

Playing time 

After learning what Over/Under is, you should also know about the time limit for a game. Over/under is not limited to members, but requires a minimum of 2 people to bet. Each match takes about 1 to 2 minutes, the first 20 seconds are betting time, then will be for rolling the dice and giving results. 

Furthermore, in the casino and the bookmaker system, the task is to provide the previous bet level for players to refer to in order to choose the winning door. Dealer rolls the dice randomly, then announces the score. 

What is the deciding factor in winning or losing in over/under? 

The first factor that needs to be mentioned is the dice. They will determine the bet as well as the winning or losing profits. The second factor is the dealer. When discovering what Sic Bo is, you certainly cannot ignore the beautiful, seductive female dealers whose job is to roll the dice.
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Maybe they shake out of habit or according to an underlying rule that newbies haven’t observed closely. Both of these factors are indispensable in any game, so take advantage of your knowledge to bet correctly.  

Variant door bet in over/under 

There are more and more variations in the Sic Bo game. When learning about it, you need to understand some of the options bet following highlights: 

Bet on specific numbers 

Number betting is when a player places a bet on a specific number for the total score of the 3 dice to display. The dealer’s announced results coincide with the participating members’ points Guessing will win the corresponding prize. 

However, if you clearly understand what Over/Under is, you will see that this is a difficult bet, suitable for those with many years of experience and good analytical ability. However, luck will not spare anyone, so if you feel sure, boldly place money depending on the predicted number. 

Odd even bet 

The player needs to predict whether the 3 dice will be even or odd numbers from 3 to 17. There is an exception with Bao (3 dice with the same value), both even and odd numbers will lose. 


Hopefully through the above article of HI88, you clearly understand the concept of Sic Bo as well as the knowledge surrounding the rules of the game. To participate in the betting experience, visit our main website to create impressive entertainment moments.

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