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The Best Portable Generator For RV Life

An RV generator is a must for living an off-grid lifestyle. An efficient generator allows you to use your electric appliances even when you’re off-grid or charge batteries for your house to perform this task. My opinion is that the best RV generators for portable use that run on gasoline are inverter generators as they’re quieter than regular generators while being fuel efficient. Although Champion was not a sponsor of this article, however, two of their models are at high on my list, and here’s the reason why.

There are three types of Generators for RVs.

  • Diesel-powered
  • Gasoline-powered
  • Dual fuel propane-powered

I picked a dual fuel inverter generator due to its quiet operation as well as the fact that it operates on propane with lower emissions. The hassle of gasoline is comparable to propane and no one would like to inhale the fumes of gasoline while camping. However, it is beneficial to have choices for fuel and dual-fuel offers the same.

RV Generators Come In Different Sizes

The standard sizes of portable generators for RVs range between the 2,000- 4000 watt range. A larger capacity generator is ideal in certain circumstances however, it is also louder and heavier. A lighter weight is usually more desirable since no one would like to carry around the extra weight that isn’t needed. Also, you don’t want to disrupt the beautiful ambiance of your campsite with the sound from your engine. What size generator to select will be determined by the amount of power you consume and the amount you are able to physically handle. The smallest RV generators weigh about 36 pounds while the largest has a weight of 250 pounds.

How Many Watts Do You Need?

The size of the RV generator you require is contingent upon the number of electric RV appliances you’re going to use while you’re off-grid. If you are planning to run several appliances at the same time then you’ll require a larger generator. If you only want to recharge your lithium batteries and also run some lights and your fridge likely to be able to do with a 2000-watt generator. If you intend to power a fridge as well as a toaster and the air conditioner at once, you’ll need more power from your generator. For instance, an RV refrigerator typically draws 600-800 Watts, while a toaster draws 1000 Watts, and electric stovetops and water heaters could draw as high as 2500 Watts. Click here to access a free power calculation for RVs from RV Supply Co.

Champion Dual Fuel Inverter – The Best Portable Generator For RV Life

I researched the top-rated RV generators that could run the majority of items in the RV. My top pick was the 2500 Watt Champion dual fuel portable generator. The generator is receiving praise from RVers. At just 36 pounds, it’s the lightest-weight RV generator available currently available and is a good option for people who don’t have lots of space for spare space in the RV, as well as for those who are not interested in carrying around heavy, bulkier generator. The option of running from cleaner-burning propane in addition to gas is a great way to not have to carry around a gas bottle that smells.

2500 runs a period of 11.5 hours with gas or 34 hours with the propane tank that weighs 20 pounds. It generates 2500 starting Watts of propane or gas as well as 1850 running watts on propane or 1665 running watts when using propane. It produces the same noise as a dishwasher, which means it’s not as loud like other generators. AN optional accessory kit that clips on parallel allows users to run two of these generators parallel to provide thirty Amps in power. For those who can’t handle the weight of 100 pounds an even larger generator will appreciate the ability to connect two smaller inverter generators to get the same amount of power as if hooked up to shore power.

The Dual Fuel Dual Fuel inverter from Champion is a fantastic option for smaller RVs and campers, and for smaller RVs as well. What if you’re an experienced camper searching for a more durable generator to run your larger RV? Take a look at the model below.

The Champion Dual Fuel 3400 Watt Inverter Generator- The Best RV Generator For Higher Power Needs

The Champion Dual Fuel 3400 inverter was awarded an almost second place award for the top RV generator. It can also run on gas or propane. We love the features that are RV-ready and the greater capacity of power from the Champion Dual Fuel 3400 Watt inverter. The portable generator is light and compact. on wheels is suitable to those who have large RVs with higher power requirements as well as space for a larger generator, and can carry its 90 lb weight. It comes with all the benefits of the 2500 model, plus additional power, and has an electric start. The generator comes with a 50 amp plug.

The 3400 is able to run for 7.5 hours with gasoline and around 14 hours with the propane tank of 20 pounds. The RV generator comes with 3400 starting watts, 3100 running Watts of gas, 3060 starting watts as well as 2790 running watts for propane. To increase the capacity, purchase an option to connect two parallel kits that allows you to connect two 3400s together and generate enough energy to power at least two 15000 BTU air cooling units. Be aware that a SoftStart unit within every air conditioner can be used to aid in the start-up of those ACs with less power.


Whatever generator you pick it is important to make sure you’re maintaining it in the correct way. Visit this page to get great advice on keeping your generator in good form. While my choice for the top portable generator is one from Champion Dual Fuel Inverter Generator however, it’s not the only one available. Tell us what RV generator you’ve been using in your travels, and why in the comments below.

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