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Ikinor: Your Trusted Interactive Flat Panel Supplier

In today’s digital age, interactive flat panel displays have become an essential tool for businesses and educational institutions. As a professional interactive touch screen manufacturer, DongGuan Ikinor Technology Co. Ltd has been specializing in the production, manufacturing, and development of interactive smart boards for many years.


With advanced touch screen technologies such as Infrared touch technology and capacitive P-cap touch technology, Ikinor, a leading interactive flat panel supplier, offers a wide range of interactive display solutions for business and education. From interactive flat panel displays to smart blackboards and interactive whiteboards, Ikinor provides high-quality products with reasonable prices and excellent services.

One of Ikinor’s advantages is its use of leading optical bonding production lines and auto-assembling production lines to produce high-quality and high-performance interactive smart boards. With experienced and skillful workers cooperating with the production lines, Ikinor ensures improved production efficiency and better products and services for customers.

The SKD and CKD solutions offered by Ikinor are also beneficial for customers looking to save tax costs or have their products made locally. The option to provide OEM and ODM service is also helpful for companies that want customized solutions. With optical bonding technology and achieving NTSC up to 85%, Ikinor sets itself apart from other interactive display manufacturers.


If you’re looking for a trusted interactive flat panel supplier, choose Ikinor. With its cutting-edge technology, excellent products, and outstanding services, Ikinor can help take your business or educational institution to the next level.

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