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What do you do in the event that you locked your steering wheel

Steering wheels are equipped with locks to stop those wheels in front from changing directions in the event that no key has been in the ignition.

It helps to prevent theft. The steering wheel lock can be an issue for certain drivers, particularly those who are new to the field and don’t have any experience with this security feature.

The first thing to know about unlocking your steering wheels needs to be easy and simple. If it’s not, it’s problems. Because most drivers aren’t aware of this option, most drivers who are able to lock their steering wheel happen to do it on accident. Below are some tips to help people to reverse the process.

What to do

The only thing you have in order to open your steering wheel is put the key into the ignition and then rotate the wheel to the left and right when you turn the key. You must move the wheel and the key simultaneously in order for this to function.

In this manner it is possible that the steering wheel will appear locked at first. Just ensure that when turning the ignition you move the steering wheel in a circular motion until there is a clicking sound. Then, you can turn the key completely.

If this isn’t working you can turn the wheel one direction first gradually adding pressure. In the event that you experience a tiny motion, it’s only then that you turn the ignition.

What happens if it’s not able to unlock?

The process of unlocking a steering wheel is easy and can be done easily in the right way. If you’ve followed these steps but the wheel still does not unlock, you have an issue.

Try using a different keyboard

It’s an alternative key to the same vehicle Of course. The reason for trying this approach is because in certain cases it is possible that a new and less bruised key is sufficient. Abrasion and wear of keys that are old, particularly on the ridges cause the key to not rotate easily, particularly when you unlock the steering wheel.

It is advisable to grab a spare key and test it instead. It’s likely that you only use only one key to access your car , and you keep the spare to use in case of emergency. If you do not have a spare key, it’s not a good idea. You should visit the nearest locksmith shop and get your key duplicated in case the problem gets worse when you experience anything more than a car that’s locked.

Use WD-40

It’s true, your reliable WD-40 could be helpful in these scenarios, too. It’s a great way to clean metal to make those parts that are rusty moving back to. For ignition assemblies the lock tumblers could be worn down over time and been frozen when you lock on your wheel. In this instance you can loosen it to be an option for a temporary fix.

Simply spray WD-40 into the lock cylinder, and then insert the key, and then try to turn it around to loosen the tumblers. Repeat this process until you’re able to release the tumblers of the lock and then unlock the steering wheel. As previously mentioned this is only an interim solution. In the event it does work however, you must check your ignition assembly as it might need replacing. Do not put off the repair until later. Take your vehicle to an auto mechanic as soon as you are running.

Make sure that the ignition is checked.

If the worst happens then the entire ignition assembly could be faulty. If you’re not a skilled of a professional mechanic, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do. This isn’t an easy repair that you’d be able to try when you don’t have the expertise.

It is recommended that you contact your trusted mechanic as soon as possible to examine the ignition system. It is better to have your car tow towards the house immediately and request that the manufacturer replace what is required to be replaced inside your vehicle. Additionally, a malfunctioning ignition assembly won’t only lock your steering wheel in place, it also stops the vehicle from getting started (and operating) your vehicle.

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