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How to Access Decentraland on Oculus Quest 2 Headset

The metaverseis an immersive, shared virtual world that is created by the combination of virtual, augmented and mixed realities meet.

It is ironic that the majority of virtual reality platforms that claim to be the metaverse are 3D worlds only accessible on 2D screens.

Decentraland isn’t an exception being developed with three-dimensional rendering technology, it’s only available to those with computers that are moderate to high-end.

The decentraland ecosystem revolves around the integration of blockchain and this is accompanied by various forms of difficulties in the development of an augmented physical equivalent version.

There’s an alpha version of decentraland on the Oculus Quest 2. (meta quest) headset.

This article provides a summary of decentraland VR, and explores the steps needed to get access to decentraland using the Oculus quest two headsets.

Without further delay Let’s begin.

Quick Review of Decentraland VR

The Decentralization of VR is the first step to create a truly immersive VR experience that goes beyond the screen of a computer.

Byldr is a non-code application builder that allows you to create immersive experiences using VR and AR, is the main developer of this initiative.

In December 2021 Sean Ong from Byldr made an proposal to the decentral and DAO to receive a grant to enhance the AR and VR experience of decentraland.

Byldr suggested that decentraland VR be built which would allow users to explore and experience the decentraland experience on AR and VR headsets.

They also suggested integrating Byldr as an extension that would allow creators to create interactive experiences by immersing themselves in virtual reality. They also suggested exporting these experiences to decentralization.

Following the successful vote on the decentraland DAO The grant was given to Byldr to help kick-start the project.

The initial Beta version Decentraland VR; was created in April 2022. its most current update came out in May 2022. The update was followed by numerous iterations and changes.

Requirements for Installing Decentraland on Oculus Quest 2 HeadsetDecentraland VR is currently in beta, and it doesn’t have the most immersive virtual reality experience with the Oculus Quest two headsets.The moderate or high-end PC that supports virtual reality capabilities will help enhance your overall user experience.

But, a meta mask cryptocurrency wallet is the best choice to allow for a smoother integration with decentraland and blockchain.

Connecting the Oculus Quest two headsets to computer requires the USB-C cable or the oculus air-link.

Both are fine, however the air-link has more flexibility to move around , and could be a better alternative to that USB-C connection.

Steps to Install Decentraland on Oculus Quest 2 Headset

This is a quick guide on the steps to install and use decentraland using the Oculus quest 2 headset.

#1 Allow Apps from unknown sources on Oculus

Applications from third parties that are not available in the Oculus store have to be enabled in order to run on the headsets with the oculus quest 2.

Go into the General tab under settings within the Oculus application, and then activate”Unknown Sources. “Unknown Sources” button.

#2 Get the Decentraland VR (PCVR) Application

Click the download link for Decentraland VR on the App Center to download the latest version of decentraland VR.

Alternately, connect to the decentraland DAO discord community to follow the latest changes or updates to the download link for the application.

#3 Add Decentraland VR to the Oculus App Library

Decentraland VR is delivered in an archive file that is downloaded after the download is completed. Unzip the file to open the app and then add it to the Oculus application library.

#4 Launch Decentraland VR

Choose the desktop mode of the Oculus quest 2 headset, and launch decentraland using the controllers, or manually by using the keyboard of your computer.

What are the limitations with the Decentraland feature on Oculus Quest 2.

Some game titles in decentralandVR aren’t designed for full VR experiences and could require the keyboard of a computer alongside.

Certain interfaces that function fine on the web-based version might not work on decentraland VR or could have certain adjustments.

It is the Decentraland VR application is executed on the PC computer, and is then streamed to Oculus quest 2 headsets.

It’s not unusual to experience slowdowns, glitches, or even have specific graphics render poorly when moving around , but you must keep a steady internet connection.


Decentraland has been a significant player in the world of virtual reality that has integrated a blockchain-based voting system that allows users to vote on any the changes that will be made to decentraland.

This Decentraland VR project indicates that the community is focused to create an environment that allows users to feel the effects of an immersive virtual world. If the project is completed developers could develop and bring experience from Byldr to decentraland. Users could have more options of being immersed in virtual real-world experiences.

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