Here’s How You Can Tell When Hummus Has Gone Bad

It’s true that a majority of us are quick to throw everything in the refrigerator when you notice that the “best if used by” date has passed. We’ve been conditioned to believe that something sinister happens to food between the day it’s marked as safe to eat it and the next day, when it’s classified as “bad.”

It’s true that there are some food items that get spoiled quickly and hummus is one of them. But what happens when you have the hummus? Hummus is a delicious smooth and delicious Middle Eastern spread made from chickpeas. You probably like to put your pita breads and fresh vegetables in. You might shift your favorite mayonnaise to make room for the flavor of hummus in your sandwiches. In reality, it’s believed that one-fourth of households has a packaged version of the dip in their fridge because its popularity and usage is increasing (via today’s).

It’s not difficult to comprehend why people are drawn to it. Hummus is a complete alphabet of minerals and vitamins. It’s a fantastic source of protein and fiber and is very easy to pack into your pocket (via Health). It’s also delicious, and also delicious. But how do you know whether hummus is rotten and you’re ready to turn the three-pointer on the container in the kitchen circular?

How do you know when to throw your hummus away?

It is important to be observed that hummus typically comes with an “best if used by” date. This is distinct from the expiration dates. The “best if used by” label is more about the high-quality of the food rather than when it’s about in fact being harmful or spoilt. Hummus purchased from a supermarket that is stored correctly and properly — that is, with a the lid is securely placed on the container to block out the moisture and bacteria, and then kept refrigerated for at least three days — will last from 3 to 10 days after that “use by” date, when a homemade version must be consumed within 3 to 5 days after making it.

With that being said what do you know whether your hummus is no anymore a good idea to eat? The most effective way to determine is to smell it. Hummus that is rotten is sour and smells, and can also taste sour. Hummus that is fresh won’t be smelling like anything unless it’s been spiced by something strong, like lemon or garlic. When the sour scent and taste begin to develop it is likely to develop the obvious signs of being that is old that is, it will begin to smell like mold (via Food by date).

Last word

If you’re looking to extend the shelf-life of the hummus you have purchased, you can freeze it. However, all brands and recipes are different in freezing and freezing it may alter how the spread is made. Once you’ve defrosted it we recommend stirring it. This will help it get back to its rich, creamy texture (via Do it Go Bad).

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