Does Hummus Need To Be Refrigerated? Yes, Yes It Does

Do you like Hummus? If so, you’re aware of the ideal snack because it’s nutritious as well as delicious and full of nutrients. Did have you realized that hummus has refrigeration? This is true if you would like your hummus to remain fresh, you have to place it in the refrigerator.

In this blog we will look at the shelf-life of hummus, and how long it is able to sit at the room temperature. We will also show you the signs that the hummus you bought is gone. So , whether you’re a fan or are simply trying it to see if you like it, keep reading to get all the info you require!


Hummus is made of chickpeas, the tahini (sesame paste) and garlic, olive oil as well as lemon juice. Since the ingredients are plant-based, they could spoil when left at temperatures that are too cold over a long period of time. Bacteria is a huge fan of protein-rich, starchy foods such as chickpeas, tahini and chickpea and tahini, so your hummus could go bad quite quickly. This is in a matter hours.

The hummus that you buy from the supermarket in the refrigerated aisle is already chilled and you don’t need to be concerned about it. But If you’re making your homemade hummus at home it is important to place it in the fridge immediately.

Does Hummus Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Hummus can be rotten if it’s not refrigerated. The bacteria that can trigger food poisoning thrives in hummus. Therefore, it’s recommended to store it at room temperature.

Can You Eat Hummus If Left Out Overnight?

If you’ve accidently left homemade or bought hummus in the fridge over night, it’s best to discard it. Although you’ll probably regret about the losing this rich in protein it’s much better than laying on the toilet all day long – we’re with you!

Do All Types Of Hummus Need Refrigeration?

There are some brand names that are shelf-stable, however they’re not as well-known as refrigerated Hummus. However, they do recommend refrigerating the hummus after opening to ensure it is at its freshest state and to prevent the growth of bacteria.


As per the FDA the FDA, hummus can be kept at temperatures of room temperature for up to two hours. After that, it requires to be chilled. That means that should you be hosting a gathering and would like to serve hummus dip, it’s important to be aware of the timing so that it doesn’t go bad.

If your Hummus has been in the fridge for longer than two hours it’s time to get rid of it.

How Long Does Hummus Last In The Fridge?

There are a variety of aspects that are involved in the length of time that hummus will last in the refrigerator. If your Hummus has been opened it’s only going to last approximately one week. Then, if you’ve created your own hummus, and kept it in the refrigerator it can last at least two weeks.

If you’ve got an open container of hummus purchased from a store You can store it in the fridge until it expires date, typically one to three months after the purchase.

How Long Does Hummus Last After The Expiration Date?

It’s not recommended to consume hummus purchased from the store prior to the expiration date, as it can cause severe food poisoning. It is possible to get sick after eating hummus that is expired because of the bacteria that could be found within it. If you have the hummus in a container which is nearing expiration It’s best to get rid of it!


If hummus is rotten and has to the point where there is there is no way back, it’s clear. You will know when your hummus has gone bad by its stinky odor and look spongy.

If you’re not sure whether your hummus is rotten you can simply take it out and take a sniff If you don’t like the smell, remove the dip!

If you’re brave enough, you can try a small portion of the hummus. However, it’ll taste bitter and off. If in doubt it’s best to eliminate it!


Once you’ve figured out the length of time hummus can last in the fridge and is able to keep it fresh for much longer than when it is left out at the room temperature, let’s discuss about how you can conserve it. Hummus can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container that is sealed or another airtight bag.

In the event that you’re taking your sandwich to in the car and you won’t be in a position to consume it within the two hour time limit place it into a container that has frozen ice packs in order to keep it cool.

If you’re planning on eating the food within 2 hours after leaving your home You don’t need to be concerned about keeping it cool.

How To Make Hummus Last Longer In The Fridge?

There’s no way to keep hummus beyond its expiration date, or to extend its “eat by” or “consume by” advice once you’ve opened it however there is an option to avoid throwing it away for future use. You can store it in the freezer!

In case you’re in search of a method to make your hummus stock more palatable Try freezing it! It is possible to freeze hummus in portions, or in large quantities. Hummus can last for at least three months within the freezer which means it’s an excellent option to keep your hummus stock in good condition until it’s time to consume more!

When you freeze hummus, be sure to let out as many air bubbles from the container as you can. This will help reduce the risk of burning your freezer and allows better storage for your favorite dip when stored next to other foods inside your freezer.

To defrost frozen hummus just place it in the fridge for a night and then enjoy it in some days.

Bottom Line: Refrigerate Your Hummus If You Don’t Want To Become BFFs With The Porceline Thrown

Hummus, then, needs refrigeration? Yes! If you don’t keep the homemade or store-bought hummus in the refrigerator as it spoils, it can cause you to become sick. The shelf-life of hummus can vary according to a variety of variables, but it’s recommended to be cautious and ensure that hummus is kept cool in your refrigerator.

That’s it all you need to be aware of what happens to the shelf of Hummus. So go ahead and enjoy the delicious dip with no worries!

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