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Youibot L1000: Flexible Deployment for Quick Start-Up in Material Handling

Youibot introduces the L1000, one of the advanced handling robots designed for flexible deployment and quick start-up in material handling. This article highlights the features of the Youibot L1000, emphasizing its precision, reliability, and efficiency in enhancing manufacturing processes.

Integrated Control System

The Youibot L1000 boasts a highly integrated control system with proprietary functionality. This top-of-the-line handling robot can achieve exceptional accuracy, with ±10mm using SLAM navigation and an impressive ±5mm when combining SLAM and QR navigation. This high level of precision ensures that material handling tasks are carried out with minimal errors, contributing to a more efficient workflow.

Intelligent Navigation and Correction

Equipped with an intelligent control system, the Youibot L1000 can correct small derailments, enhancing its ability to navigate complex environments smoothly. This feature ensures consistent performance even in dynamic industrial settings, making the L1000 a reliable asset for material handling operations.

Advanced Battery Management

The Youibot L1000 features a Battery Management System (BMS) that enables real-time monitoring of the battery level. This advanced system ensures automatic charging when necessary, preventing downtime and maintaining continuous operation. The BMS enhances the L1000’s reliability and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for demanding manufacturing environments.

Reliable and Efficient Solution

Designed to be a reliable and efficient solution for material handling in manufacturing, the Youibot L1000 offers unparalleled precision and efficiency. Its robust design, combined with advanced navigation and battery management systems, ensures it can meet the demands of rigorous industrial processes. The L1000’s ability to handle heavy loads and navigate accurately makes it a valuable asset for improving productivity and operational efficiency.


The Youibot L1000 handling robots are advanced, flexible, and reliable solutions for material handling in manufacturing. With its integrated control system, intelligent navigation, and advanced battery management, the L1000 offers unparalleled precision and efficiency. Experience the benefits of Youibot’s L1000 and enhance material handling processes with this cutting-edge handling robot, a prime example of innovative material handling technology.

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