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What is Traffic Generator?

We will be explaining what Traffic Generator is and how it works. All possible solutions will be discussed, as well as their prices. So, let’s move?!

What’s it all about?

The Mainly Website traffic generator will boost your site’s traffic. It is usually bot traffic. It doesn’t matter if it is small business, media, or enterprise. You can get lots of new visitors to your website. This will increase your website’s reputation and help you gain more trust from your visitors.

What can it do?

Traffic generators can make your website and business look better. For media buyers who sell advertising, other benefits of traffic generators include improving user behavior, decreasing bounce rate, returning rates, session time, and completing simple goals such as entering contact information or checking out page.

These are the main reasons website traffic generators work in general.

  • Advertisement sales
  • Your site can be sold
  • Trust your site more
  • Alexa to a Higher Level
  • Enhance the user’s behavior
  • Improve user’s demography
  • Site rating increases in other web counters
  • Any other purpose

What type of generators are there?

There are many types of website traffic generators.

  • Local based (that works from your computer)
  • Web-based managed (need to manually set up web server and install specialized software).
  • Outsource SaaS that is web-based

What’s the difference?

Local traffic generating software is a tool you can buy or create using any program language. Once it’s set up, it will automatically start to generate traffic from your IP address to the website. It is a great solution and looks good.

A third-party server could also be used to host website traffic bots. It is a more complicated tool, as you first need to prepare the server with the correct OS. Next, you will need to install the software you have just read and then run it to function. It was also expensive and time-consuming. First, we must choose a server provider. Next, research the best operating system. Finally, create a custom setup for the software and then set it up. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 days up to several weeks depending on your level of experience and how much time you have. Only then can you begin installing your website traffic software. This can take some time, and there may be other bugs or issues if the server or OS is not compatible with the chosen software. In such cases, I would need to start at the beginning. First, change the server type and configuration. Next, adapt OS and its version. Finally, set up our traffic generation software. Once the software is installed, we must set it up and configure it soft. Although it looks time-consuming and expensive, it could prove to be very effective for certain needs.

We will be focusing on SaaS as the last outsourcing option. You can start traffic-generating software right out of the box in a matter of seconds. It might be costlier to do it manually, but it’s usually much cheaper to buy it already prepared than to make it yourself. We buy potatoes in Walmart, which is a better option than growing them over a year and then healing it from bugs or other diseases for our server solution. These solutions are easy to implement. All you need is to determine the desired configuration, visitor speed, bounce rate and session duration. You can also set desired GEOs, referrals, and other parameters. It’s a miracle!

Do you have the skills?

Let’s now discuss how you can apply these methods yourself.

Let’s begin with the first. You can basically write code, compile it, test it, and then run it. The number of configurations and settings you want to allow will determine the complexity.

You could also launch the second website traffic generator by yourself. The algorithm is less likely than the previous one. You will need to purchase a server and place it in your home. This is not a good option. It is better to rent or buy hosting servers. Or, you can buy cloud hosting. Everything is up to you. Next, you’ll need to program software for the chosen OS and server. Once you have installed OS, your software can be configured manually. It should then work. This second variant is more difficult, but offers more options for configurations and uptime.

Although the third variant is not possible to do yourself, it is the fastest and most efficient way to get started.

What could it cost?

The objective costs for setting up are different. You could run the local traffic bot generator without spending even $1. If you don’t have a programming background, you will need to purchase software or order a programmer. SaaS will cost you approximately $1-$5.

A server-based web traffic generator will be costlier than the usual case. You also have to rent a computer. It is not as expensive, but it is costlier. The server costs approximately $5-10 and software about $1-5.

Last word

Web-based software can cost as low as $5. Although it sounds cheap, you’ll probably get much fewer visits. Any of these solutions’ costs can be increased depending on the need.

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