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Tecloman: Your Trusted Residential Energy Storage System Supplier for Efficient Load Management

With Tecloman’s advanced solutions, homeowners can tailor their load, generate and consume power in-house, and even feed surplus energy back to the grid. Tecloman’s commitment to minimizing grid power usage and cutting costs makes them the ideal partner for residential energy storage needs.

Tailored Load Management for Efficient Energy Consumption

Tecloman‘s residential energy storage systems enable homeowners to tailor their load management, optimizing energy consumption within their homes. By prioritizing the usage of power from PV (solar photovoltaic) systems, followed by stored energy in the battery, and then drawing from the grid as a last resort, homeowners can minimize their reliance on grid power. This load consumption priority ensures efficient utilization of self-generated energy, reducing costs and promoting sustainable energy practices. Tecloman’s solutions empower homeowners to take control of their energy usage and achieve greater energy independence.

Peak Shaving and Valley Filling Strategies for Cost Reduction

Tecloman’s residential energy storage systems incorporate peak shaving and valley filling strategies to exploit price differences and minimize electricity expenditure. By scheduling the charging and discharging of the battery to align with peak and off-peak price periods, homeowners can take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours. This strategy effectively reduces the overall cost of electricity consumption, maximizing savings for homeowners. Tecloman’s solutions provide homeowners with the tools to optimize their energy usage, cut costs, and make the most of available price differentials.


Tecloman, the trusted residential energy storage system supplier, empowers homeowners to achieve efficient load management and cost reduction. By tailoring load consumption through the PV-Battery-Grid sequence, homeowners can optimize their energy usage and minimize reliance on grid power. Tecloman’s peak shaving and valley filling strategies further enable homeowners to exploit price differences, reducing electricity expenditure and promoting financial savings.

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