Pickleball Net height in comparison to. Net Height of Tennis Net Height

Understanding the main distinctions between pickleball and tennis will help you prepare for the transition between these two sports, and also help you learn more about the specific game mechanics. One of the most important distinctions is the size of the net.

This article examines the size of net distinctions between pickleball and tennis and how they affect the various aspects of each.

Height Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

In pickleball there is a net that is taller than 36 inches high at the posts, and 34 inches across the middle. The middle sag is common to any sport that uses a net.

In tennis it is 42 inches tall at the posts , and it falls half a foot into the middle to 36 inches.

Thus the nets for pickleball are smaller throughout, but the most significantly on the sides, with the difference of six inches. On the other hand, in middle there is only 2 inches. Of course, the difference of two inches is significant and plays an important function in the game of pickleball.

Why the Center Matters

Both sports have the majority of the action occurs in the middle of the court. The players are taught to shoot down the middle for an arc that is lower and to get more energy from their shots. There is greater chance of error and the possibility of side-outs on the edges.

Width Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

Naturally, the biggest distinction in the net sizes of both sports is the size of nets. Because a tennis court is nearly twice the size of the court for pickleball tennis nets are 41 feet in width for doubles matches , and 33 feet wide for singles.

The nets for pickleball are 21,9 inches in width for singles as well as doubles.

Similarities Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

Similarities between tennis and pickleball nets are:

Both cables have a steel cable that runs through the top and both use two inches of white tape to wrap around the cable.

Both require mesh to protect their nets from balls from passing through.

Both are strapped in the middle to keep the appropriate height.

Each has a supporting post to hang the nets.

A second pair of support posts for tennis singles courts are 3 inches wide identical to the main support posts for pickleball.

Overall Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Nets

Differentialities between tennis and pickleball nets are:

The nets for pickleball are smaller that tennis nets (Pickleball 36 inches along the side and 34 inches on the middle. Tennis 41 inches along the side, and 36 inches at the center).

The nets for tennis are larger (42 feet, compared the 21 foot 9 inch).

The principal supporting posts in tennis are bigger tennis also has additional support posts for singles matches.

A tennis net has to be stronger due to the differences with the weights of balls.

Can You Use a Tennis Net for Pickleball?

With a few tweaks with a few adjustments, you can utilize tennis nets as pickleball nets. Many parks and public areas even if they’ve not transformed their tennis courts into match-play courts, provide roll-away nets for players to put in the right place. However, there are a variety of accessible nets that can be rolled away that aren’t a lot of dollars.

Some players may even opt to bring nets.

Who Decided This Stuff?

Maybe you believe that the sports’ creators are mathematicians and physicists who experiment with create algorithms to determine the ideal distances and heights in all aspects in their sports. You’re wrong.

According to the story, Joel Pritchard, who was instrumental in establishing pickleball back the year 1965 sit at the net, making sure it reached his waist before playing.

What was the length of his waistline? ask? 36 inches.

What Does Height Mean for Each Sport?

One of the primary aspects of the speed at which a ball moves is the direction it travels on. Therefore, it is likely that since the nets for pickleball are smaller in comparison to tennis nets. Thus, the ball played in pickleball is hit harder and in more straight lines as compared to the tennis ball.

But, the size of the net is only one aspect. If you look at the two balls against each other, you’ll see the distinct distinction. In pickleball the Wiffle ball is played with holes. These holes let air flow across the surface of the ball. This causes the ball to rise and drop and slow it down tremendously. Tennis players often play the ball at speeds that exceed 100 mph. If you place them on a tennis court with a smaller net this speed could increase. However tennis balls are firm all around instead of being covered with holes.

The weights of both balls also have a bearing on. Tennis balls weigh somewhere between 1.975 or 2.095 ounces. A tennis ball weighs .8 grams.


While there’s not any difference in the size of the net between tennis and tennis, other elements that are involved make these two sports different. When you are choosing a net, take into consideration these differences and purchase the right pickleball net, so you don’t have courts that you can play.

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