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How to Unlock a Steering Wheel

Most of the time when you lock the wheel you don’t notice that it’s locked until you try to go to a place. If you’re struggling to get the wheel unlocked and turning off the ignition into the ignition, then you’ll want to go through our instructions at Wolfchase Nissan service center close to Cordova to learn how to unlock the steering wheel by yourself.

Unlocking a Steering Wheel: Step-by-Step Guide

This is a frequent phenomenon for Memphis drivers. It’s also easy to unlock the steering wheel. These are steps to follow:

  1. Make sure you pull the wheel in the same way you used to when the wheel was locked.
  2. Undecided on the direction in which to draw? Consider both directions — the wheel will move as you move it in the correct direction.
  3. As you hold your steering wheel to the correct direction, insert the key into the ignition to begin the engine.
  4. If the wheel isn’t locked or the engine won’t start Turn your wheel to the opposite direction and repeat the previous procedure.

Your steering wheel must now be free of lock!

Tips for Unlocking a Steering Wheel

When you attempt in unlocking a steering column, it is important to stay clear of causing harm to the column. Here are some tips on how to open your steering wheel without creating damage:

  • Avoid using Brute Force Use caution when using force to unlock the wheel lock and you risk damaging the components that make up the mechanism. Instead, adhere to the instructions below while applying pressure.
  • Try a different key If you are unable to engage the ignition, the issue might be with the key and instead of the steering wheel. The key might have worn out and no longer turn the car’s tumblers. If you suspect that there is an issue with your key, Wolfchase Nissan can make the key new.

How to Lock Your Steering Wheel Intentionally

If you’re driving in a remote location it may be beneficial to secure the steering wheel to ensure your safety. This can make it difficult for those who isn’t supposed to be driving to begin your vehicle. To secure your steering wheel take these simple and simple steps:

  1. Switch off your car and then take the keys out from the ignition.
  2. You can turn the steering wheel either way until you hear the sound of a click.
  3. The steering wheel locks until you return. Once you are back, you can unlock the steering wheel, then begin your vehicle.

Learn More about Wolfchase Nissan!

Are you still having trouble finding the steering lever you want to unlock? The staff in the Wolfchase Nissan service center can assist. Simply book service for us. We’ll be returning to Arlington roads in a short time. We also provide special service offers to make it easier to save money on the services you require. Get more information from us now by making sure to reach out to the team! When you’re here, you can read about the most common causes of why your steering wheel may shake!

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