How do you calm a cat that is in heat?

We are currently in the middle of spring and summer nearing it is the perfect moment for female cats in the millions to enter the heat. When your cat is aged between eight to 10 , it will be her first time experiencing heat, and most likely, you’re about to become insane because you aren’t sure how to deal with this kind of situation..

The female cat’s attraction to heat comes from the time of her sexual cycle that she is able to accept male. Their mate-making instinctcan be extremely intense. When we refer to intense, we are referring to crying all night and the cat scratching herself throughout and being insecure and take positions that encourage the copulation. Another issue that comes with being a cat who is in heat at home is their habit of marking the area (your home) by their scent.

In contrast to other mammals, like dogs, cats don’t stain, so you should not think that this will occur. If you are unsure the possibility of your cat experiencing its first sexual experience and is also exhibiting the behavior we’ve mentioned it is possible to try rubbing your lower back. If she’s experiencing hot, she will let her tail move away from the way to allow the male to perform his job.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the traditional belief that it is better to let female cats have a litter at the very least at least once during their lifetime and in any event prior to spaying, is not true. In fact, even though certain veterinarians recommended that cats go through several heats prior to going through this procedure, nowadays increasing numbers of experts are suggesting the total sterilization prior to her first heat to prevent future complications, and most importantly since it decreases the likelihood of developing mammary tumors later in life.

If you do not decide in the future to sterilize the cat(some owners permit their cat to be spayed as it appears to them to be the most natural thing to do for a cat’s life) keep in mind that you’ll be the one to find the right home for your kittens that are born within a couple of weeks. To mitigate the effects of the heat without pregnancy, you could employ a hormonal treatment provided by your veterinarian however, this should not be the only option.

In any event, if your cat is experiencing heat, you must be aware that the majority of veterinarians prefer waiting until the heat is over before undergoing an operation to sterilize, which means you have some time to take care of the issue.

Practical suggestions for calm the cat when it is hot

After you have eliminated any other factors that could be behind this behavior If you are able to rule out other causes, follow these steps:

Be extremely in love with your cat particularly when she requests it by, for instance, petting her or brushing her fur more frequently.

Put the cat on the floor with a comfortable blanket or the seed warmer can be placed in the microwave. This is because the warmth seems to bring them to a calm state.

Avoid contact with any kind with any kind, not only physically (obviously) but also any contact and even visual male cat who might be present such as by blocking access to windows or balconies using cardboard and lowering the shutters or something similar.

Catnip is a great option Some cats enjoy it as a way to relax, while some find it to have an opposite effect. It’s an experiment to try it for the first time to see what happens and then repeating or not depending on the outcomes.

Additionally, to prevent marks, it’s advised to ensure that the litter box is kept tidy, and avoid washing the home with ammonia (the scent reminds her of urine and she is triggered by it is necessary to write the area) and also use the spray Feliway similar spray.

Last thought

We wish that using these suggestions, your cat will be able to escape the heat as smoothly as it can, however in any event it is always our advise that if there is any doubts or are unable to determine the cause of this problem it is recommended that you speak to your vet.

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