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Encore Post: 5 Ways to Improve the Hospital Waiting Room Experience

It is not a good thing to wait in American culture. In the case of Buddhists We could think about the wait and consider it a prerequisite to attaining enlightenment.

But, the majority of us would consider the short wait time at the stop sign to be too long. We aren’t particularly educated.

This kind of way of thinking is not healthy for our mood, health and our relationships.

In some hospitals waiting rooms, the patient wait isn’t always comfortable. The waiting rooms are generally stale and often represent the holding of pens, instead of an example of care for patients.

The majority of the time, waiting rooms are designed as Greyhound Bus stations: chairs waiting in line, magazines outdated to the point that they ask for the recycling bin staff who don’t even notice us and televisions rearranged to show channels that are completely irrelevant to the reason we’re there in the first place. Do you recognize any of these?

For a normal medical exam, discomfort can be interpreted as normal irritability. However, what about Surgical waiting, ICU waiting, Endoscopy/Colonoscopy waiting? Labor and Delivery wait? Whew! They’re not the same.

Here are five suggestions to think about or offer to your wait room manager If you’ve got one of them:

Include the waiting period as a an element of your treatment. Offer the gift of relaxation and music, as well as nature and peace.

Offer opportunities to reflect and record (on notepaper or a computer) the questions that should be asked when get called to the first line.

Serve water, coffee popsicles, tea and cookies. Fruit and snacks. Hunger causes us to be angry.

Create a space that is comfortable and warm. Examine the clutter in other rooms and take it away. Straighten your chairs and clean up the clutter.

Check out your brand new waiting area by sat for an hour. What is the experience like? What are the chances in the real time doing?

The question is, are those who are waiting for the outcome better off or worse because of the experience?

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