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Discover the Versatility of YES TECH’s Cube LED Screen

For creative and state-of-the-art display solutions, go no farther than YES TECH, a world-renowned leader in the field. A revolutionary product in the field of indoor and outdoor visual experiences, the Cube LED screen is one of their most adaptable options.

The Cube LED Screen: Redefining Flexibility

The Cube LED screen from YES TECH is a true testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. Designed with unparalleled flexibility in mind, this revolutionary display solution is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, from large-scale events to commercial installations.

MG7S Cube Series: High Compatibility, Saving Costs

One of the standout features of the Cube LED screen is its exceptional compatibility. Utilizing common spare parts and conventional screen materials, the MG7S Cube series ensures a cost-effective and streamlined ownership experience. Whether you’re upgrading your existing setup or starting from scratch, the Cube LED screen from YES TECH offers a seamless and budget-friendly solution.

Indoor / Outdoor Multi-Use

The Cube LED screen from YES TECH is truly a marvel of versatility. With the ability to adjust brightness from 800 nits to 4500 nits, this display solution maintains its exceptional grayscale and color accuracy, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Boasting a pixel density of up to 65,536 dots per square meter and an impressive IP65 rating, the Cube LED screen can withstand the elements and deliver stunning visuals in any setting.


The YES TECH Cube LED screen is unrivaled in the market for adaptable and effective display options. This display solution is ideal for businesses, event organizers, and visual professionals that want the finest due to its weatherproof design, variable brightness range, and great compatibility. Discover the limitless potential of the Cube LED screen and feel its power yourself.

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